What To Expect After a Car Accident

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No two car crashes are alike. In the aftermath of an accident, you will have to deal with the police, medical providers and insurance companies.

While it is overwhelming, understanding some of the basic steps after a crash can help you keep things together. It is often the unknown of a new situation that creates the most frustration and stress. As such, having a handle on the ins and outs following an accident may keep negative feelings at bay.

Expect To Speak With Your Insurance Company

In the wake of a crash, you will want one of your first calls to be to your insurance company. Reporting the accident to your insurer starts their investigation and your claim. If you have medical payments on your policy, the start of a claim enables the insurer to make those directly to a provider. If you do not, or if you need to wait until fault is found, the sooner you report the crash, the sooner you may get the relief you need.

Expect a Call From the Other Insurer

When you report a crash to your insurance company, you should know that the other driver is doing the same. At some point in the investigation, you will receive a call from the other insurance company. The claims adjuster from the other side may want to take a recorded statement for their records. However, you likely gave one to your insurance company already. So, what should you do when the other insurer calls you? You can always refer the other adjuster to the one handling your insurance claim. If you feel comfortable answering questions, then do it. However, you have the right to have a car accident lawyer represent you, especially if you find yourself dealing with another driver who is denying the events of the crash as they happened.

Expect To Tell Your Story Multiple Times

You will have to answer the same questions multiple times, even as it pertains to your own insurance claim. Part of this is due to the adjuster’s attempt to catch one or both drivers misleading the investigation. This is done when someone at fault tries to change the accident events to make the other look guilty. As such, expect to answer the same queries many times. If you stick to the facts, it will not be hard to remain consistent.

A car accident lawyer such as Unidos Legales may prove beneficial, especially if you face a denial of your car accident claim. In the wake of a major crash, you may need help getting the money you need to cover the damages to your car and body.