Seven Mistakes to Avoid with Child Custody

Once a couple has made the difficult decision to divorce, they face several tough issues. The most emotionally draining and contentious issue often centers around child custody. While you might be able to resolve some issues with your ex-spouse without an attorney, you really can’t afford to make foolish mistakes that might risk losing time with your children. That’s just one reason why it makes sense to hire an experienced child custody attorney. Here are a few common mistakes that you’ll want to avoid.

1) Traveling with Your Children Without Ex-Spouse’s Consent. If you plan to go on a vacation with your children, make sure you receive your ex-spouse’s permission. Failure to do so could lead to charges of kidnapping and a warrant for your arrest, especially if you take your kids across state lines. It could also mean that you lose custody of the children.

2) Not Paying Child Support. If you have been ordered to pay child support, you must pay on time each month. If you forget or simply fail to pay, your visitation time with children could be reduced and your custody could be revoked. If you have lost your job or cannot make payments on a timely basis, let the court know as soon as possible.

3) Arriving Late to Visits. Don’t be late to scheduled visits with your kids. If you so do routinely, your ex-spouse could report you to the judge and your visitation time could be reduced.

4) Criticizing Your Ex-Spouse in Front of Your Children. This is important for your kids’ emotional health and can demonstrate to the court that you are focused on your kids’ best interests.

5) Refusing to Compromise. If you constantly refuse to cooperate or compromise with your ex-spouse, you may be communicating to the court that you don’t have your kids’ best interests in mind.

6) Misusing Social Media. Don’t post anything about your ex-spouse on social media that you would not want a judge or your ex-spouse’s attorney to see.

7) Not Having Legal Representation. A child custody attorney can help reduce your stress by communicating with your ex-spouse, explaining the process to you and helping you avoid these costly mistakes.