Preparing for Child Custody Hearings

Divorce Lawyer

It’s never easy. When a couple with young children decide to divorce, many difficult decisions and conversations lie ahead. In many cases, the most contentious and emotional discussions will revolve around child custody. Conversations about finances and possessions may be challenging, but they often pale in comparison to decisions related to caring for and spending time with the children.

When it comes to custody, the judge is required to take actions that are “in the best interests of the children.” The judge often will be looking for the adult in the relationship, such as the person who appears to be responsible, caring, nurturing, and willing to put the needs of others above themselves.  

Here are a few things to keep in mind if you or a loved one are in a custody battle:

Hire an Experienced Divorce/Custody Attorney

This is not the time to make cost savings your top priority. You’ll want a person that fully understands your state’s custody laws, a person who can be objective and unemotional during discussions with your ex, a respected person in the courtroom and someone who has won many custody battles.

Cooperate With Your Ex

Even though you may not like your ex, you realize they are going to be a part of your children’s lives for the foreseeable future. Judges want to see that you’re willing to set aside your personal views for the sake of the children. Some parents have lost custody almost exclusively because of their hostility toward their ex.

Spend Quality Time With Your Kids

Do you know their best friend’s names? Their favorite subject in school? Their most challenging medical issues? Do you encourage them to complete their homework and do their chores, or do you only engage them in fun activities, merely trying to win over their affections?

Don’t Be Late

When spending time with your kids, adhere to the visitation schedule. Make sure you arrive on time to pick up the kids and drop them off at the agreed-upon time. Don’t make a habit of constantly rescheduling time with the kids.

Understand Courtroom Etiquette

Judges listen to the oral arguments presented in the case. They review facts, too. They also observe parents during the proceedings. A person who is dressed appropriately, arrives on time, displays respect for the court (and their ex) and demonstrates love for their children will be noticed. There are many issues to consider when dealing with child custody issues, as an attorney, like a divorce lawyer in Tomball, TX, at a firm like the Winfrey Law Firm, PLCC, can explain.